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Why IRAN for Heath Tourism destination?

download (3)According to IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal), “Despite near demonstration in parts of the US and Israeli media, Iran is a peaceful country that is successfully attracting local medical tourists away from rivals with political and civil strife, and away from countries that have a tendency to interchangeably use the two quite different words of Muslim and terrorist. This is probably the clearest example in the world of how politics and the global media both affect where medical tourists go for treatment”.

Thanks to its geographical position, the conditions in neighboring countries, reasonable prices and advanced medical facilities, Iran is becoming a destination for Islamic and regional medical tourists. An increasing number of hospitals in Iranian cities offer medical and health care services for foreign medical tourists. Iran offers very advanced healthcare. Geographical closeness and cultural and religious similarities have turned Iran into one of the favorite destinations for the Islamic world, as well as Muslim and other denominations from nearby countries. Iran has a highly educated workforce and is a local leader in scientific and health development. It is one of the top five countries in the world in bio tech and nine out of fifteen high usage bio tech molecules are produced in Iran.

Nowadays, with over 400 medical research facilities and 76 medical magazine indexes available in the country, Iran is the 19th country in medical research and is set to become the 10th within 10 years.

There are two strands to the demand, medical tourism and health/wellness tourism. The existence of mineral fountains in many parts of the country, targets the latter demand. Other frequent requests include fertility treatment, stem cell treatment, .dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and eye surgery.

It has a health national tourism Committee that has produced rules and regulations for tourist healthcare service centers so that hospitals and clinics that want to offer health tourism services to foreign citizens need to acquire licenses from both the Ministry of Health and the Iranian Tourism Organization. It also offers health service training to employees of tourism agencies and encourages hospitals to open international patients’ wards. Iranian hospitals should be hold a medical tourism license from the Ministry of Health . In addition, a nurse can be assigned to each international patient.

The key target market is the Middle East, taking people who used to go to Europe or troubled local rivals such as Jordan. An increasing number of patients come from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, and etc. Some come as the prices are lower than at home, some come for specialist care, and many come simply because they feel more culturally comfortable in Iran than in Europe or Asia.

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