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Dr. Keyvan Jenab

Dr. Keyvan Jenab

License Number: 56908
Dr.Keyvan Jenab is one of the best ophthalmologists with fellowship training and specialization in disorders of the retina and vitreous in Iran.

Examples of retinal diseases diagnosed and treated include: diabetic retinopathy; inflammatory conditions (Uveitis); intraocular infections in healthy individuals or in persons with AIDS; intraocular tumors (e.g. melanoma, lymphoma, metastasis, and retinoblastoma); macular degeneration; ocular trauma; retinal detachments; retinal disease associated with systemic conditions such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and multiple sclerosis; retinal tears and holes; retinal vascular disease (vein and artery occlusions); retinitis pigmentosa and other inherited retinal dystrophies; and retinopathy of prematurity.

His diagnostic and treatment services offered are the following:

Comprehensive care for diabetic eye disease including diabetic retinopathy
Evaluation and management of vitreo-retinal complications of ocular
Laser treatment for retinal disorders
Photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration
Surgeries including removal of retained lens fragments and enophthalmitis
Surgical repair of macular holes

departments: Ophthalmology
positions: Ophthalmologist
treatments: Refrective surgery, Vitreous and Retina surgery
degree: Specialist
office: Isfahan, Iran