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About Us

IPD Group, Professional Health Tourism Provider


downloadIPD group (International Patient Department), founded by some physicians and health tourism experts in 2011 in Islamic Republic of Iran, provides professionally the patients from different countries the required healthcare services in Iran.

Our Medical Care is a comprehensive healthcare service run by a highly qualified and experienced professional team that helps patients to find and organize the exact medical treatment they need, in a comfortable environment and the beautiful surrounding of Isfahan, Mashhad and Shiraz, Iran. We are based in Isfahan. Iran and work giving your patient support and assistance all throughout their treatment.

IPD group is a professional organization created with the vision of facilitating world-class, affordable healthcare and ensuring a caring, comfortable and carefree medical journey to Iran. Thanks to the following features, 100% success rate has been achieved.

  • An established & trusted brand in Iran with 4 years’ experience in the Health Tourism industry
  • An independent and neutral organization working in organized & structured manner
  • First company to launch innovative Medical Treatment Management concept
  • Top medical advisory committee constituted of experts doctors and surgeons 


Our Mission


Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives bydownload (1)

  • Providing comprehensive, best-quality and cost-effective solutions to health management.
  • Professionally treat each patient in our care as if they were a family member, which means with the utmost respect, attention, compassion and sensitivity one human being can give to another.
  • To produce a positive long-term economic impact for our clients by dedicating ourselves to providing superior service with efficient and cost-effective management of each case with which we have been entrusted.
  • Enabling insured health consumers to make the best, evidence-based medical choices.
  • Ensuring the implementation of excellent medical care while offering insurance companies a competitive advantage by providing a superior balance between the cost and quality of treatment.
  • To champion quality health care and economic value-added outcomes for corporate employers, insurance companies, third-party claims administrators, and for governments.
  • To continue to be an innovator and successfully utilize our results-driven management system that allows us to deliver exceptional outcomes while being the leading medical case management firm in the nation.


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