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Benefits of CyberKnife over Gamma Knife

Benefits of CyberKnife over Gamma Knife
دی ۹, ۱۳۹۴

The CyberKnife, though similar in concept to the Gamma Knife (both are stereotactic radiosurgeries), has more advantages than the latter. The differences between the two depend on how they produce the radiation, Gamma Knife produces through decaying cobalt and CyberKnife through x-rays. Also, the radiation sources in Gamma Knife is multiple, whereas the CyberKnfe has a linear accelerator system.

Here is a comparison between Gamma Knife and CyberKnife:

۱٫ Gamma Knife is designed exclusively for non-invasive brain surgery, whereas CyberKnife is not exclusive to brain surgery. CyberKnife can treat even those lesions in parts of the body which move with respiration. This is possible because of image guidance.

۲٫ While the Gamma Knife treats with multiple beams simultaneously from a 201-source cobalt unit, the CyberKnife uses a single high energy photon beam fixed to a robot arm (single-source linear accelerator). The CyberKnife’s megavoltage x-rays are over four times more powerful than the energy from Cobalt used in the Gamma Knife.

۳٫ Gamma Knife is a frame-based system, whereas CyberKnife is a flexible, frameless system. Thus, the CyberKnife allows a single-session or multi-session treatments, as necessary. This lets you’re treating physicians decide the safest and most effective course of treatment.

۴٫ CyberKnife does not require a head frame screwed into the skull for immobilization, avoiding the pain, headache, nausea, and risk of infection seen sometimes with stereotactic frames like Gamma Knife.

۵٫ The small size of the Gamma Knife collimators may spare critical tissues from radiation, but can create difficulty in treating lesions larger than 3-4 cm.

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